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Initial proposal

Call for vote


  • July 1, 2010: Discussion started
  • July 6, 10:45: Vote open
  • July 9, 12:00: Vote closed
  • July 9, 14:41: Results posted


Proposal passed.

Voted to approve:

  • Bender, Joseph
  • Britsky, Nick
  • Didorsi, Andy
  • Frost, Phil
  • Hansen, Ted
  • Jagoda, Trevor
  • McMahon, Brad
  • Platt, Edward L
  • Switlik, Matthew Gary
  • Wolfe, Jaime
  • Wolfe, Russ

None voted to not approve.


  • Bezanson, Nathaniel
  • Callahan, Barry
  • Cook, Trevor
  • Corsetti, Mario
  • Smith, Ross


i3 Detroit

Proposal to Clarify Membership Levels and Update the Bylaws

WHEREAS it was resolved at the Membership meeting on February 16, 2010 to adopt a new membership and dues structure; and

WHEREAS the term "member" has a specific legal meaning for a nonprofit corporation under Michigan and federal law,

WE RESOLVE that all members at the $89 Core level, the $39 Crafter/Coder level, and the $39 Starving Hacker level shall have 24 hour keyed access to the workspace at 1481 Wordsworth.

WE RESOLVE further that $25 Friends and Family plans shall no longer be issued.

WE RESOLVE further that Article 3, Section 3 of the Bylaws be amended to read:

Section 3. Admission of Members

Applicants shall be admitted to membership upon payment of first dues and completion of a new member orientation. The Secretary may however provide access credentials to an applicant immediately upon payment of first dues.

WE RESOLVE further that Article 3, Section 4 of the Bylaws be amended to read:

Section 4. Fees and Dues

The amount required for monthly dues shall be $89. Dues are payable to the treasurer each month by the first regular meeting of the members of the corporation. Dues may be prorated at the discretion of the board. The board may establish scholarships to cover the all or part of the dues dues of members who can demonstrate financial need.

WE RESOLVE further that the following be added to Article 3 of the Bylaws:

Section 10. Other Persons Associated With Corporation

This corporation may refer other persons or entities associated with it as "members," even though those persons or entities are not voting members as set forth in this Article 3 of these bylaws, but no such reference shall constitute anyone as a member within the meaning of The Nonprofit Corporation Act 162 of 1982 unless that person or entity shall have qualified for a voting membership under Article 3 of these bylaws. References in these bylaws to "members" shall mean members as defined in The Nonprofit Corporation Act 162 of 1982; i.e., the members of the class set forth in Section 6.1 of these bylaws. By amendment of its articles of incorporation or of these bylaws, the corporation may grant some or all of the rights of a member of any class to any person or entity that does not have the right to vote on the matters specified in Section 4.7 of these bylaws, but no such person or entity shall be a member within the meaning of The Nonprofit Corporation Act 162 of 1982.