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== Class / event ideas ==
== Class / event ideas ==
Propose your idea / event here:
Propose your idea for a class or event here:
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We hope to become a community resource by hosting various classes including but not limited to electronics, programming, crafts, photography, cooking and all other skills that members or others are willing to share. We want to create an environment that promotes learning in a fun non-traditional format.

This page lists all of our past, present, and future class offerings.

See the current offerings and sign up at our Eventbrite page!


Class history

Name Teacher Description Cost / Prerequisites Date More info
Introduction to Web Advertising (Part 1) Nick Britsky The goal of this course will be to empower you to select the right sites and services to drive traffic to your website. Part 1 covers: Explain terms, the process and basics of marketing, cover the free options available to you. free

No prerequisites



Introduction to Web Advertising (Part 2) Nick Britsky Will continue with explaining the free options then focus on the low cost of entry paid options. The course will focus on standard website advertising and will not focus on mobile or out-of-home experiences. free

No prerequisites



Radio Basics (Part 1) Nate B. Radio theory, information, bandwidth, modulation. The amateur service, FCC rules, licensing. free

No prerequisites



Radio Basics (Part 2) Nate B. Part 15, CB, ham, broadcasting. Practice test and Q&A afterward. free

Prereq: Radio Basics (Part 1). Please bring a laptop.




Class / event ideas

Propose your idea for a class or event here:

Name Teacher / Organizer Description Cost / Prerequisites Date More info
(Example) Hackathon October 2009 Joe Hacker Come in and hack on your pet software project, pizza provided $10 towards food 2009-10-23 7:00pm

throughout the weekend

Hackathon article
Distributed Version Control with Mercurial Steven Kryskalla An introduction to the Mercurial version control system and distributed development. How to: install HG, create a repo, make a commit, share your changes with others. free

Basic command line knowledge. Bring a laptop if you can.



HG homepage

How to create and teach a class

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Bring it up at a meeting, send it to the group, add it to this page
  3. Determine materials
  4. Set a cost
  5. Talk to Russ to get it scheduled through EventBrite
  6. Make the announcement, promote your class
  7. Develop course material (class kit? standard powerpoint slides, etc.)
  8. Give your class
    1. Plug i3 for non-members (come up with a standard slide / elevator speech)
    2. Presentation tips?
    3. Give your contact information
  9. Distribute materials
    1. Handouts
    2. Put slides online
  10. Follow up with classtakers
    1. Respond to questions, give literature to folks who are interested in i3