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i3 Detroit members have many books available to the membership as resources. There are so many that few are actually kept in the space. Below is a list of books, owned by members or i3 Detroit, that are available to be checked out by any member. If you would like to check out a book, email i3detroit-library@googlegroups.com. You can also email the information of books you own that you would like to contribute to the library. If you would like to become a librarian and help manage this list, send an email and you will be made an admin. To check out a book, email this address with the appropriate information so that it can be recorded.

Enjoying learning and sharing knowledge!

Book Title Author Copyright year Owner Book Location Checked out by Date checked out
Title Author Owner name Treehouse Library
Welding Handbook Some dude Awesome McAwesomesauce Owner's Posession Dude Duder 6/12/12