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I want to create a portable linux based SDR transceiver.


  • This 'project box' is my inspiration:


  • needs some convenient hardware, folding, doors etc


BeagleBone Black
once I get my hands on it.
LCD cape or other sort
likely as big as can fit
battery power
yup, guess I'll learn a thing or two about batteries finally


Open Source only please

Operating System

Does it really ship with 3.8? That seems pretty cool.


GNU Radio

GNU Radio looks like it will be the first 'large' software package I am going to look into. I say 'large' because it is highly configurable; all Python and C++, and will likely be a constant source of things to do.

Simpler Applications or Scripts

Thinking about making a git repo available with scripts, configuration files, documentation etc... if there's not much I'll just plop it here. Also to keep my self motivating while plodding through GNU Radio I will be looking into other software, suggestions are always welcome.