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=Discussion of issues with Lost and Found/Graveyard Please Post your Comments here instead of Google Group=======
=======Discussion of issues with Lost and Found/Graveyard Please Post your Comments here instead of Google Group=======
From Terry W:
From Terry W:

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The Graveyard is located in the northwest corner of the shop. The Graveyard is stored in the shelves to the east side of the member storage area (clearly marked "Graveyard" on the front of the shelves).

  • Do not bring items to i3Detroit specifically for the graveyard. Use the Virtual Graveyard on this here wiki if you want to post items for other members to take off your hands.
  • Items may be placed in the graveyard by their owners, or by being in Lost and Found for at least a month
  • Items in the graveyard must be dated so that old items can be cleaned out periodically
  • Items must fit on the shelves. If it doesn't fit, you can make room by (re)moving other items
  • Do not place things you do not own in the graveyard, no matter how offended you are by them
  • Anyone may remove anything from the graveyard at any time
  • If an item is known to work or be broken, label as such

Lost and Found

lost and Found items can be placed on the storage cabinet under the cork board at the very front of the shop.

  • Label found items with date and location found
  • Items must remain in Lost and Found for a minimum of one month before they are moved to the Graveyard
  • There are two shelves, "even months" and "odd months", referring to the month when item was found
  • Try to inform the owner
    • Communicate privately if possible
    • Post to the list when the owner is unknown
    • include "[found]" in the subject line

=Discussion of issues with Lost and Found/Graveyard Please Post your Comments here instead of Google Group=

From Terry W:

The general gist of the rules is that a unnaccounted for piece of material (homeless stuff) out on the shop floor should be Marked with a month and put in the Lost & Found and publicized as best as you can, after one month anyone can move the item from L&F to Graveyard, where it can be claimed as salvage by anyone, then someone not specified can "clean out the graveyard"

Here are my list of issues, please feel free to comment, argue, or add to the list.

1) Lost and found seems much too small to accomodate the items we need to handle, like a project or a piece of equipment. IIUC, L&F is the 18 inch x 48 inch top of a storage closet, where things like business cards and magazines are currently kept. Take a look at what made it to the Graveyard, it cant' nearly fit in that area, unless I am mistaken about where the L&F is.

2) We need to be more precise about the procedures on clearing out the Graveyard. How long should we age an item in the Graveyard? Can anyone disposing of an aged item by throwing it in the dumpster? I know there are certain areas of the graveyard that need special handling disposal. Let's list that in the wiki and mark the area and tell people when an item should go to that particular spot of the graveyard.

3) Sometimes we have homeless stuff on the shop floor that are too big or too heavy to get to a L&F area. What do we do then?

4) What constitutes homeless stuff and what other types of stuff should be out on the floor (i.e. discuss Parking Permits)

5) What should a person do when an expired Parking Permit is still sitting on the shop floor?

6) What does a person do when they see something that doesn't look abandoned? Discuss "Where does this go" boxes and indicate which zones have them. Also talk about same for large items, i.e. we have 4 bags of cement on the shop floor, I want to get them where they should be, but I have no use for them. WHat do I do?

7) If a member, or someone who contacts a memeber want to "donate" an item, what should the member do? Should they make the decision to allow/refuse on their own, if not to whom do they ask? With the above, any special rules, like "No CRTs" should be written on this page.

Thanks. Please discuss. Are these the right issues? Are these documented elsewhere? If so, do they need pointers here? Again, I am not looking to create a set of Draconian rules, but the member who wants to do the right thing for homeless stuff on the floor needs to be able to find what the "right thing" is.