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Lost and Found and the Graveyard are located in the northwest corner of the shop. The Graveyard is marked with chalk on the floor. Lost and Found are two signed shelves on the edge of the Graveyard. The purpose of this area is to:

  • provide the obvious functions of a lost and found
  • provide a location people can place things they would like to give away for scrap, salvage, or reuse.


Items may be placed in the graveyard by their owners, if there is room. Do not place things you do not own in the graveyard, no matter how offended you are by them.

Anyone may remove anything from the graveyard at any time. Take something to use it in your project, or take something to a recycler to make room for more interesting stuff.

Lost and Found

Here is the place to put anything you find that isn't labeled and is left out of place. If the owner is known, consider placing it in that member's storage instead. Also consider posting notice of lost or found items to the mailing list.

Items must remain in lost and found for a minimum of one month, at which point they can be moved into the graveyard. There are two shelves to facilitate this. One is labeled "even months" and the other "odd months". If you find something in say, January, place it on the "odd months" shelf. Around the start of each month (like the first meeting) the older of the two shelves is cleared for new items while the other sits for a month with nothing being added to ripen.