Rockwell Drill Press

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Rockwell Drill Press

It is used for drilling holes in a variety of materials (metal, wood, etc.).

Basic Info

  • Ownership: TBD
  • Location: In the metal shop
  • What it looks like:

Rockwell drill press photo

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Rockwell 15-069 (1/2 HP motor)
  • Part Number: 1721149



  • Please wear safety glasses!


  • Drill press accessories are kept on the plastic shelves on the other side of the bench grinders.

Other References




Things that Need to be Done

Move to Wood Shop




Each core class is a prerequisite for the next core class; the electives (if any) are optional.

  • Core Class 1 (group or individual trainingl)
    • Wood shop tour
    • Safety glasses, dangling hair, hoodie strings, etc.
    • Power switch location/operation
    • Workpiece materials compatible with this machine
    • Clamping the workpiece safely
    • How hard to push the drill bit into the workpiece
    • Marking an accurate hole location
    • Center punch / center drill to begin holes
    • Selecting drill bits
    • Changing drill bits
    • Cleanup with shop vac or brush
  • Core Class 2 (small group or individual training)
    • Review all core topics above
    • Adjusting the table height
    • Setting the vertical travel stops
    • Using a drill press vise
    • Dust control system
    • How to tell when a bit needs to be sharpened
    • Changing the drill speed
    • Using Forstner and other large (over 1/2 in) bits
    • Consumables costs
  • Core Class 3 (individual hands-on training)
    • Review all core topics above
    • Using brushes or sanders in the chuck
    • Making fixtures for repeating hole locations
    • Making fixtures for workpiece clamping