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23:47, 3 December 2013Printrbot filament.ini (file)422 BUnixMonkyPrintrbot Slic3r Configuration1
23:51, 3 December 2013Printrbot printer.ini (file)709 BUnixMonkyPrintrbot Slic3r Configuration1
23:41, 3 December 2013Printrbot.ini (file)2 KBUnixMonkyPrintrbot Slic3r Configuration1
23:45, 3 December 2013Printrbot (fine).ini (file)2 KBUnixMonkyPrintrbot Slic3r Configuration1
02:29, 27 April 2012ProgrominoDelta.hex (file)2 KBSurferdudemi 1
14:49, 9 October 2012Jupiter through dobsonian.jpg (file)2 KBN8vi 2
10:40, 14 August 2013Slic3r.ini (file)3 KBAgmlegoCurrent best Slic3r settings for the Rostock MAX.1
20:57, 8 May 2013Square Logo.svg (file)3 KBAgmlego 3
16:08, 30 September 2011Seatwrench.jpg (file)4 KBKc8nod 1
20:29, 10 October 2012J1772 in progress.scad (file)5 KBStrydreShould be complete as far as dimensions are concerned. Could use some cleanup of the CSG and formatting.2
19:45, 2 March 2013Test2.png (file)5 KBDarvon 1
22:29, 23 June 2014KISSlicer (file)5 KBEtxSettings for KISSlicer on the FabLab Rostock MAX. Current as of 6/23/2014.1
19:45, 2 March 2013Test1.png (file)5 KBDarvon 1
18:50, 18 April 2014FabLabZonePoster.docx (file)5 KBAgmlegoEdited pricing and format.3
22:45, 10 February 2014EquipmentEntryForm.docx (file)6 KBDjschollEquipment Entry Form / Ownership Affidavit1
11:19, 11 August 2012Calander Icon.png (file)7 KBCmounts 1
11:28, 11 August 2012Member Icon.png (file)7 KBCmounts 1
21:45, 12 September 2011Lincolnwelder.jpg (file)9 KBSurferdudemi 1
10:25, 15 September 2011CiteNeeded.png (file)9 KBKc8nod 1
02:34, 9 February 2014I3Hankie OutputFile.vp3 (file)9 KBKfloryFor use with HOWTO Create An Embroidery Design for the Husqvarna Designer SE.1
20:29, 8 November 2011ColorTest1.asm (file)10 KBSurferdudemiAssembly source for testing each ring of the ChromoDisk. Steps through each color in each ring.1
22:22, 8 January 20122mSWR.png (file)10 KBN8vi2m SWR graph of e-room antenna1
00:23, 11 April 2012I3-guest-sign-in-sheet.xlsx (file)10 KBNbezanson 1
06:17, 17 February 2012ZoneWarden.docx (file)11 KBNuance13xThis form states the Zone Warden for each area of the space.1
16:15, 14 March 2013STRIP heater 1.jpg (file)11 KBMysterious PaulStrip heater1
16:13, 2 March 2012JerryB-small.jpg (file)11 KBJerryboccijrPhoto of Jerry Bocci, in costume during lunch break as a Scientific Main Challenge Appraiser for the 2010-11 Destination ImagiNation Michigan Region 8 Tournament1
23:39, 28 April 2011Harbor Freight Bender.jpg (file)12 KBZipzit 1
10:48, 7 October 2012Signforweldingshopconsumable.doc (file)12 KBDjschollSign template for welding shop consumables1
22:11, 9 September 2012Signforwoodshopconsumable.doc (file)12 KBDjschollChanged to smaller sign format2
20:33, 8 November 2011ColorMesh.asm (file)13 KBSurferdudemiAssembly source for basic R->G->B demo of ChromoDisk.1
09:13, 7 November 2009I3banner.gif (file)13 KBStevektest upload1
18:00, 14 May 2011MimmsDDSchematic.png (file)14 KBMysterious PaulSchematic of circuit used in May 12, 2011, Printed Circuit Board class.1
22:40, 10 February 2014Minor consent i3Detroit.pdf (file)14 KBDjschollConsent form for a minor1
23:31, 6 May 2011Progromino.png (file)14 KBSurferdudemiUpdated schematic for Progromino2
13:55, 26 August 2013AcrylicBox.jpg (file)14 KBDarvonBox1
15:13, 3 February 2013Mentor BriefJobDescription.20130127.doc (file)15 KBKfloryFor use in Signup Process Committee 20130203. Describes, briefly, the rationale for having a mentor and what the mentor does.1
23:33, 6 May 2011Progromino.asm (file)15 KBSurferdudemiSource file for basic operation.1
14:53, 3 February 2013Draft NewMemberEmail.20130203.doc (file)15 KBKfloryUploaded for use in Signup Process Committee 20130203. Gives draft of proposed additional new member email.1
22:22, 8 January 201270cmSWR.png (file)15 KBN8vi70 cm SWR graph of e-room antenna1
02:28, 27 April 2012ProgrominoDelta.asm (file)16 KBSurferdudemi 1
12:33, 1 June 2011Sqrt-9.jpg (file)16 KBKc8nod 1
00:50, 27 June 2012WelcomeNewMember.docx (file)16 KBNbezansonTo be handed to each new member with their key...1
13:00, 17 January 2013ERoomZonePosterWithMoney.docx (file)16 KBNbezanson 1
22:36, 26 August 2012FloodedLeadAcid.jpg (file)17 KBNbezanson 1
16:51, 20 March 2013CNC Operators Flowchart.odg (file)17 KBBrianWFlowchart on the process for getting something cut on the Large CNC Machine.1
20:38, 21 August 2013I3 Detroit Logo Icon with surrounding whitespace.png (file)17 KBMattthe surrounding whitespace makes this more useful for social media icons1
20:53, 8 May 2013Square Logo.png (file)17 KBAgmlego 1
23:20, 27 August 2012Dob moon 1.jpg (file)17 KBN8viMoon through a dobsonian that isn't even assembled enough to have its primary mirror attached by anything other than wood shims yet1
11:13, 19 May 2010AirCompressorSwitch.PNG (file)17 KBKc8nodIllustration of the air compressor switch1
06:25, 17 February 2012ZoneWarden.pdf (file)18 KBNuance13xForm that states the Zone Warden and contact information for each area of the space.1

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