Vacuum Former

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Vacuum Former

A custom built vacuum former. Built at I3Detroit

Basic Info

  • Ownership: John Sugg less than 100%, Brian Wennberg less than 100%, Glen Moore, Rocco Marras
  • Location: The machine is on casters so it rolls around a lot. However, the vacuum former is usually stored in the glass kiln area.
  • What it looks like:
Vacuum Former

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Proto Form. Plans-built Vacuum Former
  • Part Number: J


Coming soon.


Do not turn vac pump off during operation or vac pump could be damaged. Do not use a buck with hollow bottom surface or platen could be damaged.

Training is required before using. Contact John Sugg to set up a training time.


While it is simple to operate, this tool can be damaged if not used properly. Please get training before using. John has stocked 2x2 styrene sheets (white or black) for you to buy. Place $3.00 in blue cash box for each sheet you use. The Vacuum Former can be converted to 2x3 if you wish to make larger parts.

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