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(List of Zone Wardens)
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|(419) 234-6200
|(419) 234-6200
|Gold, GOLD I tell you!  
|Gold, GOLD I tell you!...and Neon Green (leather tools)
|[[Fab_Lab|Fab Lab]]
|[[Fab_Lab|Fab Lab]]

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Information and safety procedures for our tools and equipment organized by location.


Map of Zones


Detailed Layout

List of Zone Wardens

Zone Map Area Zone Warden Phone Email Tag color
Graveyard A
Electronics Room B Nate B (248) 379-3614 Myself@telcodata.us Yellow
Craft Room B Kevin Flory (419) 234-6200 flory.twin.2@gmail.com Gold, GOLD I tell you!...and Neon Green (leather tools)
Fab Lab B Andrew M contact contact
Compute Zone C Justin T / Marie-Therese 248 259 7104 / 928 699 9667 justin.triplett@gmail.com / marietherese.enga@gmail.com Burgundy
Welding Area D Jody Raiford /

Nathan W.

978.563.9284 (978.Jody.Bug) /


jody.raiford at that g-named thing / Nate_LapT@i3detroit.com Purple
Kiln Zone D Terry W see CRM or sign in Kiln Zone see CRM or sign in Kiln Zone Red
Tool Crib /consumables area D Jeff Bannow 248-890-5415 jeff@jeffbannow.com White
Injection Molding Shop D Nathan Warnick 248-677-1331 Nate_Lapt@i3detroit.com
Commons Area E Everyone
Treehouse & Whiteboard Room E Max G. / Maddy W. / 248-821-0798 skellygonyea@gmail.com / Madalyn.winans@gmail.com
Laser Cutter G Matt Arnold / Devon T. (248) 787-7436 / (248) 840-0658 matt.mattarn@gmail.com / skaferret@gmail.com
Bicycle Shop G Jason D. 574-855-6227 dudycha618033@gmail.com Orange
Vinyl Shop G Nathan Warnick 248-677-1331 Nate_LapT@i3detroit.com Orange
Member Active Project Storage G Everyone
CNC Shop H Brian W (517) 974-4817 byddcryf@gmail.com
Machine Shop I Steve B / Brian W (248) 320-5118 / (517) 974-4817 stevebrook57@yahoo.com / byddcryf@gmail.com Blue
Wood Shop J Greg S / Dave S 248-649-3565 / 248-632-3370 GregSSmith@aol.com / djscholl@gmail.com Green

Major Equipment with Required Training

Here is a list of the major equipment, compiled from the individual zone wiki pages and arranged alphabetically, with zone, ownership, instructors and access. The instructors listed are those that have volunteered to train others and have been approved to do so by the zone warden. Access is either OPEN (you decide whether you can handle the machine, or need some training);i3 TRAINING REQ'D (you have to be trained by an approved i3 trainer or get Warden approval of prior experience with that type of equipment), or PRIVATE (you must contact owner for permission to use [rare]).

Equipment Name Area Zone Trainers Access/Owner Status
Soldering Station, Black - Edsyn Loner B Electronics Room Open/NateB
Soldering Station, Orange - Weller WLC-100 B Electronics Room Open/TBD
Oscilliscope -Tektronix TDS 460 B Electronics Room Open/TBD
BusPirate B Electronics Room Open/TBD
Logic Analyzer, Saleae B Electronics Room Open/TBD
Hot Air Station - X-Tronic 4000 B Electronics Room Open/TBD
Antenna analyzer - MFJ 269B B Electronics Room Open/BradT
Laser Cutter - Bumblebee G Laser Cutter Zone MattA, RogerS, TerryW,NateB Training Req'd/i3 UP
Laser Cutter - Wolverine G Laser Cutter Zone Private/RogerS
Lift, powered - Genie F PC Graveyard Open/NateB
Sewing Machine, straight stitch - Juki DDL-8300N B Craft Room Open/NickB
Cricut B Craft Room Open/TBD
Printer - HP C Comput Zone Open/i3
Lathe - Acer 1440G I Machine Shop Open/
Bridgeport Mill I Machine Shop Open/i3
DoAll DBW-1 Bandsaw-Blade Welder I Machine Shop Dave Scholl
MHC Shear Brake and Roll I Machine Shop
Sanford Surface Grinder I Machine Shop
Fork Lift E Nathan W. i3
Sander, Belt+Disc J Wood Shop i3
Saw, Band - Craftsman 12in J Wood Shop Jim Kemp
Cyclonic Dust Collection System J Wood Shop i3
Sander, Disc - Delta 12in J Wood Shop Dave Scholl
Saw, Table - SawStop J Wood Shop Greg Smith / Dave Scholl i3
Saw, Miter - DeWALT J Wood Shop Paul
Work Bench with vice J Wood Shop i3
4 drawer File Cabinet J Wood Shop i3
Router Table J Wood Shop i3
Tall 36 inch Cabinet J Wood Shop i3
Skil Scroll Saw J Wood Shop Matt Switlik (Swit)
Air Compressor - Ingersoll Rand J Machine Shop
Drill Press - Jet J Wood Shop Dave Scholl
Jointer J Wood Shop Greg Smith i3
Saw, Panel - Milwaukee J Wood Shop Greg Smith i3
Vac, Wet-Dry - Rigid 16gal J Wood Shop i3
Router, Table - RoundOverBit Router Cart J Wood Shop Greg Smith i3
Lathe, Wood J Wood Shop Greg Smith Greg Smith
Hobart 250amp MIG Welder D Welding Shop Nathan W. / Jody i3
Century Mig Wire Welder D Welding Shop Nathan W. / Jody Roger S.
Oxy-Acetylene Torch D Welding Shop Jody Mario C.
LinuxCNC Plasma Cutter D Welding Shop
Kiln 1 D KilnZone UP
Kiln2 D KilnZone Planned
Relay Box/Programmable Controller 1 D KilnZone DOWN
Web-based Programmable Controller 2 D KilnZone Planned
Vinyl Cutter - Graphtec SignJet 1130 G Vinyl Shop Nathan W. i3
Makerbot CupCake CNC B FabLab
Printrbot B FabLab
LPK C30/S (PCB Mill) B FabLab
Stratasys FDM 1650 B FabLab
Bridgeport CNC Mill H CNC Shop
DIY Little CNC H CNC Shop Paul K Open/Paul K
Rhino ST6 CNC Lathe H CNC Shop
21" Strip Heater H CNC Shop Paul K Open/Paul K
Design Workstation H CNC Shop
Arburg ALLROUNDER 150 D Injection Molding Shop Nathan W. i3
Arburg C4b D Injection Molding Shop Nathan W. i3
Vacuum Former Injection Molding Shop John Sugg


The following list is an attempt to offer up suggestions of tasks that could be accomplished in the various zones by people interested in helping out.

Feel free to take charge of one or more of these items as your time and expertise allow. If you have taken charge of a task, please put your name into the field next to the task.

Should you run out of time or ability to complete a task, make sure to post on the mailing list and "fail loudly". This ensures that task status is shared, and no task languishes in silent failure.

Electronics Room

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Populate ToDo List Add a list of things that are needed/wanting to be done in the eRoom. 1 Nate B.

Fab Lab

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Get Protomat Working The VM for the Protomat has not yet been completed and verified to function as a controller. 2 Matt Gardeski & Andrew Meyer
Mount Flash Card Reader The flash card reader currently sits on top of the old Fab Lab PC. A better place would be mounted underneath the shelf near the monitor, with the most useful slots facing outwards. 4
Printrbot The Printrbot has gotten some love, and now prints decently well. Things that need to happen still:
  • replacing the firmware with Repetier
  • getting a VM set up for it
  • maybe build a Power Tower to house the power supply and spool
Decorative Work The Fab Lab currently has a sort of forest theme going on. It would be nice to continue the theme by painting the conduits and stanchions deep brown to simulate vines and trunks, put up more vinyl leaves, and paint the ceiling with either a sky pattern or a forest canopy pattern. 5 Max Gonyea-Alexander
Manufacture Focus Gauge for FS Laser A sturdy, solid, non-deformable block 1.359" (critical dimension) tall and nominally 0.75" diameter (or square). Chamfered or filletted corners for comfort. 1 Greg
Relabel tools The Fab Lab now officially uses RED as the tool-label color. Please find any tools labeled "Fab Lab" using yellow and replace it with red. 2 Andrew Meyer
Patch Ceiling The removal of the old PVC ventilation ducting left a hole in the ceiling of the lab, with a PVC ring still in place. Removal of the ring is desired. There is an 8" square patch and patch compound available in the cabinet under the Protomat. The patch should also cover the two smaller holes further over the shelf. 3 Evan Allen
Replace USB Hub The current USB hub used by the Fab Lab server sucks. Suggested replacement would be one or two USB2.0 self-powered hubs. If two, one would be mounted on the underside of the bottom shelf near the monitor for flash drives and such, and the other tucked away hidden for machine interfaces. 4 Andrew Meyer
Relocate Pegboard The pegboard hanging on the wall behind the office-side door is a much-appreciated secret donation. However, being behind the door is a less-than-useful location. A good target for this would be on the Other side of the corkboard, where the coathook is. The coathook should then be relocated to where the pegboard currently is. 4 Potlock